Even Mlb Can Quot T Escape Longer Unemployment Line

Com. 4 percent of the free agents are still unemployed at the same point in time. Spring rounds of training in general have been set, and little to do, but the countdown until the day camp opens. Comparison with 2007, when only 31. As of Friday, 110 of the 214 players who filed for free agency (51. 4 percent) have been signed yet, according to mlb. It not just the players anonymous. But, thanks in large part to the national recession and its impact on the teams spending habits, it been as usual. Marquee still unsigned free agents include outfielders Manny Ramirez, Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn, pitchers and Ben Sheets And Tom Glavine. January is usually a good month for planning a number of R R for Major League Baseball types of front-office.

21.1.09 08:27

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