Mlb Small Market Teams Are Increasing Payroll

The Florida Marlins ($ 22 million to $ 30 million), Kansas City Royal ($ 52. D Furthermore, the New York Yankees payroll for 2009 will be $ 198 million, about $ 10 million less than last season, despite their big-name free-agent signings. 8 million $ 70 million) and Tampa Bay Rays ($ 43 million to $ 60 million euro) are among the excesses of which wages rise. Similarly, the Boston Red Sox are required to reduce their payroll from $ 134 million in 2008 to about $ 120 million in 2009. Nick Cafardo, reports that The Boston Globe payrolls of many large groups of the market seem to go down, while those of most small-market teams are on the rise.

21.1.09 08:27

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